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Summary of Proposal LAN1635

TitleForest Structure Characterisation using TerraSAR-X
Investigator Balzter, Heiko - University of Leicester, Geography
Team Member
Dr. Tansey, Kevin - University of Leicester, Deparment of Geography
Mr. Rodriguez Veiga, Pedro - University of Leicester, Deparment of Geography
Mr. Wheeler, James - University of Leicester, Deparment of Geography
Ms. Nuthammachot, Narissara - University of Leicester, Deparment of Geography
Mr. Arellano, Paul - University of Leicester, Deparment of Geography
Dr. Bispo, Polyanna da Conceição - National Institute for Space Research - INPE, Centre for Earth System Science ( INPE-CCST)
Summary1. Objectives: The project aims to study vegetation monitoring on different forest and woody cover biomes. Several sites in boreal, temperate and tropical regions will be used. Moreover, specific research will be carried out in tropical regions. 2. Methods: SAR signatures for different percentages of forest cover will be processed and texture measures will be calculated. These signatures will be used alongside contextual information for a classification approach. Once forest/non-forest areas have been classified to an acceptable level of accuracy (using high resolution optical imagery and ground based forest cover data for an accuracy assessment), the resulting data will be resampled to the required resolution and used for analysis, validation and data training. The data will also be used to train wide area SAR mosaics using several classification approaches. 3. Data requierements: ScanSAR, Stripmap, Spotlight and HR Spotlight data will be used, at either HV, VH, VV or HH polarisations. 4. Anticipated Results: peer-reviewed journal article publications andconference papers. 5. Funding: GIONET is funded by the European Commission, Marie Curie Programme, Initial Training Networks, which runs until December 2014. Paul Arellano is partially funded by Ecuadorian government. Dr. Polyanna is fully funded by the Brazilian government.

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