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Summary of Proposal HYD1625

TitleMonitoring of Water Resources and Hydrology in a Gold Mining area using TerraSAR-X data in Eastern Uganda
Investigator Barasa, Bernard - Makerere University, Geographical Information Systems
Team Member
Mr Tiller, Karl - Makerere University, Geographical Information Systems Centre
Prof Vincent, Kakembo - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Geosciences
SummaryThe study will be carried out in Eastern Uganda and intends to determine the magnitude of sediment deposition in gold mining pit lakes, measure water level changes and quantify soil water content. The study intends use TerraSAR-X data (ScanSAR), TanDEM-X and SAR interferometry (InSAR). InSAR data has been proven as ideal for ground deformation monitoring in many applications because of its high precision and high spatial resolution (Ge et al., 2007).The study will utilize Permanent Scatterers Interferometry algorithms as described by Ferretti et al., 2000) to estimate the movement of discrete, stable natural or artificial reflectors, with millimetric precision. The deliverables will include sediment deposition, soil moisture and level quantification

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