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Summary of Proposal GEO1598

TitleStudy of andesitic strato-volcanoes topographic changes and deformation through high-resoltuion SAR imagery
Investigator Pinel, Virginie - ISTerre-Université de Savoie-IRD-CNRS, N/A
Team Member
Prof. Trouvé, Emmanuel - Université de Savoie, LISTIC
Prof. Nicolas, Jean-Marie - LTCI/Télécom-ParisTech, N/A
Prof Thouret, Jean-Claude - Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Département de Géologie
Mr Solikhin, Akmad - Center of Volcanological and Geological Hazard Mitigation, N/A
Dr Metaxian, Jean-Philippe - ISTerre, N/A
Dr. Vandemeulebrouck, Jean - ISTerre, N/A
Prof De la Cruz-Reyna, Servando - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), Instituto de Geofisica
M. Kassouk, Zeineb - Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Département de Géologie
SummaryAmong the most dangerous volcanoes, andesitic stratovolcanoes appear to be the most difficult to survey with satellite SAR interferometry. This is mainly due to their steep slopes and to the fact that, in many cases, the deformation is localized on a small spatial scale around the summit area (Pinel et al 2011). TSX data have proven to be very useful to quantify the surface displacement field induced by volcanic activity (Sigmundsson et al, 2010) using SAR interferometry, however to our knowledge, the only application to strato-andesitic volcanoes was on Monserrat (Wadge et al , 2011) and was limited to the estimation of thickness and volume of eruptive deposits. The goal of this proposal is to investigate scientific issues on High resolution X-band SAR data and their applications to the monitoring of andesitic stratovolcanoes, taking advantage of the high resolution and the rather short revisit time. We decide to focus this study on four strato-andesitic volcanoes where TSX data are available as archives and where we have got a set of complementary data (in situ geophysical data as well as other SAR sensors data). Our aim is to use amplitude images and polarimetry (dual polarisation data are available) in order to detect and quantify surface changes induced by eruptive activity (e.g. dome growth and collapse), eruptive deposits and landslides and also to quantify surface displacement using SAR interferometry. SAR interferometry will also be used to produce High-Resolution DEM when feasible. This proposal is supported by two French research teams focused on volcanoes behaviour understanding (ISTerre and LMV), some researchers involved in situ monitoring in Mexico and Indonesia (UNAM, CVGHM) and two French laboratories (LISTIC and Telecom Paris) with an experiment on TSX data processing applied to the distinct applicative field of glaciology.

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