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Summary of Proposal OCE1559

TitleFully automatic oil spills detection and analysis by merging TerraSAR-X and L-band UAVSAR data
Investigator Del Frate, Fabio - Tor Vergata University, Rome, DICII
Team Member
Dr Del Frate, Fabio - Tor Vergata University, Rome, DICII
Mr Latini, Daniele - Tor Vergata University, Rome, DICII
Dr. Jones, Cathleen - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, N/A
Prof Solimini, Domenico - Tor Vergata University, Rome, DICII
Dr Pacifici, Fabio - DigitalGlobe, R&D
SummaryFully automatic procedures for oil spill detection based on neural networks will be designed and applied to TerraSAR-X. A first algorithm will provide the image segmentation and a second one the slick classification in real oil slick or look-alike. The algorithms will be tested in selected sites where ground truth and ancillary data have been collected. TerraSAR-X data will be used alone and/or fused with UAVSAR (full polarimetric, L-Band) products. Also the synergy with C-band ESA-Envisat images will be considered. It will be evaluated how much the combination with UAVSAR data can improve the accuracy of the results obtained automatically and how much it can add further information in terms of slick characteristics (for example about thickness). A comparison with the information provided by optical data will also performed. This research activity will be carried out with funds made available by each participating institution

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