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Summary of Proposal LAN1535

TitleFine ground fissures monitoring with TerraSAR-X data over urban and rural area
Investigator Chaoying, Zhao - Changan University, College of engineering geology and geomatics
Team Member
Dr. Yang, Chengsheng - Changan University, Department of Geology Engineering and Geomatics
PhD student Qu, Feifei - Changan University, Department of Geology Engineering and Geomatics
SummaryIn this proposal, we will focus on the high precision monitoring of land subsidence, ground fissures and geological faults activities in Fenwei basin using several advanced InSAR techniques, especially merging the achieved SAR data and new archived TerraSAR-X data. CRs and GPS have been installed for the ground fissures monitoring before can be applied to calibrate the accuracy of the InSAR results. The monitoring of large gradient deformation of ground fissures located both in urban regions and rural areas will be finely tested with SBAS (Small BAseline Subsets), PS (Permanent Scatterers) and DS (Distributed Scatterers) techniques. Finally, several deformation models such as dislocation model, hydrological model will be applied for these geo-hazards inversion. This proposal has been funded by a key project of the Ministry of Land & Resources, China (The research on the monitoring of land subsidence and ground fissures in Fenwei basin, No. 1212011220186).

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