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Summary of Proposal HYD1509

TitleLand subsidence in urban areas of the Southwestern US and northern Mexico
Investigator Amelung, Falk - University of Miami, Division of Marine Geology and Geophysics
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryA large number of aquifers are under severe environmental stress, mainly from urban development, pollution,population growth, climate change, and over-pumping. In previous studies (Amelung et al., 1999; Cabral-Cano et al., 2008; Bell, Amelung and Ferretti, 2008), we demonstrated that C-band InSAR can measure subsidence due to ground water withdrawal, and that simple models can be developed to relate the measured subsidence to the change in aquifer level. Here we propose to use higher spatial and temporal resolution TerraSAR-X data to investigate to suitability of X-band InSAR to hydrological and subsidence applications. We will develop time-dependent subsidence measurements for several urban areas in the southwestern US and Mexico using the Small Baseline Subset technique (SBAS) where there is a contrast of hydrologic management practices, then develop finite element models to relate the surface subsidence to aquifer depletion. Deliverables for this project are project reports and open literature publications. The study areas are Mexico City and several international twin cities along the U.S.-Mexican border (San Diego-Tijuana, El Paso-Ciudad Juarez, Nogales-Nogales, Calexico-Mexicali, Laredo-Nuevo Laredo) The study of twin cities on both sides of the border will dramatically highlight the conseqiences of differences in groundwater use and groundwater management between Mexico and the U.S. This study builds on an ongoing TerraSAR-X project (HYD0655), which will be used to include recent data if funding becomes available. We request a quota of 200 scenes to fully exploit the excellent cross-border imagery archives.

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