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Summary of Proposal LAN1494

TitleMonitoring the growth of the vineyards by means of TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Licciardi, giorgio - tor vergata university, DISP
Team Member
Dr del frate, fabio - tor vergata university, disp
SummaryThe project will be structured in two main parts. In a first part thefeasibility of the use of SAR images for the monitoring of the growth of vineyards will be investigated. This will require the analysis of the different TerraSAR-X products in order to detect the most suitable for the task. A second analysis will be performed in order to evaluatethe improvement introduced byfusing SAR and multispectral images in themonitoring of the growth of vineyards. For both tasks no funding is required. The results will be provided in the form of two annual reports.

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