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Summary of Proposal MTH2539

TitleWide swath interferometric performance analysis of TerraSAR-X 6-beam ScanSAR mode
Investigator Koudogbo, Fifame Nadege - Altamira Information, Altamira Information
Team Members
Mr Duro, Javier - Altamira Information, N/A
SummaryThe main objective is to assess the suitability of the new Terrasar-X 6-Beam ScanSAR mode for InSAR applications. The project consists in three investigation lines: −The first consists in the evaluation of the product.The wide image will be compared with traditional ScanSAR modes. Qualitative comparison between SAR data in TopSAR mode (such as the RADARSAT-2 TOPS data,or simulated Sentinel 1) and data in the new TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR will also becarried out. The effect of the antenna steering of the images azimuth spectrum will be compared for TopSAR and Wide ScanSAR modes. −In a second stage, the performances of generated interferometric products will be analysed in the areas of overlapping of consecutive bursts. −The last part of the project will consider wide swath ground deformation monitoring. ALTAMIRA processing chain will be updated in order tobe able to handle Wide ScanSAR. New tools will be developed in order to accountfor the varying azimuth spectrum of the data due to the acquisition mode, as well as a common band azimuth filter for the interferogram generation, to account for the possible changes in Doppler bandwidth between images. The obtained deformation map will be analysed in detail and compared with historical maps. Two test sites have been selected. One is located in Greece, and the other one is Mexico City. A whole InSAR stack of each area (10-15 images) is required for the study. This project will be part of ALTAMIRA internal R&D.

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