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Summary of Proposal LAN2471

TitleDetecting and monitoring Xian Ground fissures, China with Multi-mode TerraSAR data
Investigator Chaoying, Zhao - Changan University, College of engineering geology and geomatics
Team Members
Dr. Qu, Feifei - Changan University, Department of Geology Engineering and Geomatics
SummaryIn this proposal, we will mainly focus on both location and monitoring of active ground fissures in Xian city. Regarding the small coverage of upcoming staring spotlight mode TerraSAR data, we will select one small but typical fissure deformation region, i.e. Xian hi-tech zone. For the comparison purpose, in total 14 fissures will be considered with strip-mode TerraSAR data. As for the active fissure location, both coherence map and intensity change map will be considered. As far as the ground fissure deformation is concerned, we will investigate the following five methods: SBAS-InSAR, SAR intensity based offset method, MAI-InSAR, PS-InSAR for the large coverage ground fissure monitoring, InSAR results validation with 3-D GPS measurements. Lastly, the correlation between land subsidence and ground fissure and their contributions to deformation will be discussed to inverse the ground fissure mechanism.

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