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Summary of Proposal MTH2467

TitleBridge monitoring with very high-resolution TSX observations
Investigator Wdowinski, Shimon - Florida International University, Earth and Environment
Team Members
Dr. Wdowinski, Shimon - University of Miami, Marine Geosceinces
Dr. Hong, Sang-Hoon - Korean Polar Research Institute, Polar Earth-System Sciences
SummaryMonitoring and servicing bridges are key elementsin providing secure transportation routes all around the globe. In the pastFuel tax was used to fund many transportation projects. However, over the lasttwenty years, the buying power of funds generated by fuel tax has significantlydiminished and there is no viable solution in horizon. With limited resourcesdesign of bridges or service life and developing strategies that are capable ofeffectively managing service life design and maintenance of the bridges arebecoming more important than ever. Design of bridges for service life is amulti-disciplinary subject that demands expertise in various branches ofengineering and sciences. This main objective of this project is to effectivelyand efficiently designing and managing service life of bridges, using both space-and ground-based observations. We propose to use highspatial resolution TSX observations (Staring Spotlight ST, High resolutionSpotlight HS, and Spotlight - SL) to monitor bridge stability and health ofthree bridges located in Florida and New York. The tentative list of bridgesis:: Venetian Bridge (Miami, FL), Matthew Bridge (Jacksonville, FL), andManhattan Bridge (New York City, NY). However, the actual bridges to bemonitored will determined throughout the duration of the project, in collaborationwith the Department of Transportations in Florida and New York. Our main goal isto detect long-term and periodic differential bridge movements by calculating alarge number of Permanent Scatterers (PS) on the bridge using PSI dataanalysis. The proposed project includes three research components: dataacquisition, PSI data analysis and data post-processing for detecting bridgemovements. The project results will be integrated with ground-basedmeasurements of the same bridges and will serve as part of a decision supporttool for bridge monitoring.

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