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Summary of Proposal HYD2454

TitleIceberg and crevasse formation in Antarctica coastal zone
Investigator Floricioiu, Dana - DLR, IMF
Team Members
Mrs Floricioiu, Dana - DLR, IMF
SummaryWith the data acquired within the present request we want to identify changes and monitor break-up processes in some sensitive areas of the Antarctic ice shelves and outlet glaciers. The WSC mode is appropriate for covering the large scale features of Antarctica. Detecting structures in the ice shelf and deformation patterns will improve understanding of processes in the ice. Onset of break-off processes will be monitored as well as the flow of the new formed icebergs and the evolution of the polyniyas after these events. The data will be processed in house. The research is funded from the HGF Alliance project “Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics”.

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