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Summary of Proposal GEO2441

TitleTSX Wide ScanSAR applied to volcanic deformation in the Andes
Investigator Pritchard, Matthew - Cornell University, Earth and Atmospheric Science
Team Members
Assistant Professor Szeliga, Walter - Central Washington University, Department of Geology
Post doctoral fellow Jay, Jennifer - Smithsonian Institution, Global Volcanism Program
SummaryWe propose to collect several modes ofTSX data across the two volcanic zones in the Andes to monitor volcanic unrest.Comparison of StripMap, ScanSAR, and Wide ScanSAR acquisitions will contributeto the scientific evaluation of TSX data, and will help achieve the objectivesof two currently funded investigations. The first objective is tounderstand the subsurface conditions for active magmatic intrusions at Uturuncuvolcano in southwest Bolivia, Lazufre volcanic field on the border of northern Chileand Argentina, and Laguna del Maule and Cordón Caulle volcanoes in southernChile. Surface deformation anomalies at the first two of these sites areexceptionally broad (150 km in diameter) and uplifting at cm/yr rates, whichmakes them well-suited for ScanSAR imaging, while deformation at the latest twois characterized by extremely fast uplift rates and complex patterns of pre andcoeruptive ground deformation. Wide ScanSAR will be assessed as a tool forregular surveillance of the two distinct volcanic regions along the Andes. Thesecond objective is to compile a database of known volcanic deformation inorder to understand background activity and compare conditions between volcanicarcs.

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