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Summary of Proposal MTH2430

TitleFeasibility to Establish a Ground Motion Monitoring Service Using Continuous TerraSAR-X Acquisitions
Investigator Raggam, Hannes - Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
Team Members
DI Dr. Gutjahr, Karlheinz - JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
DI Dr. Perko, Roland - JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
SummaryBackground and Motivation Geological departments of the federal Austrian as well as German governments are dealing with landslide, subsidence and very slow terrain movement phenomena. They became aware about the potentials inherent to interferometric SAR data with respect to the retrieval of information on ground motion and are definitely requesting feasibility studies to assess the potentials of SAR based remote sensing in this context. Further motivation is given through the availability of TerraSAR-X images in the very high Staring Spotlight Mode. Due to its high spatial resolution, this is anticipated to be beneficial with respect to mapping of mass movement or surface changes in general. Objectives and Tasks The main objective of the project refers to the retrieval of information on ground motion and surface change using advanced stereo-radargrammetric and interferometric data processing methods and involving TerraSAR-X data sets acquired in the new processing modes. This comprises the following individual goals: * Adaptation of existing stereo-radargrammetric as well as interferometric algorithms and processing methods in order to be applicable to the new TerraSAR-X modes. * Development of advanced data processing methods, e.g. for the analysis of time series of multi-baseline InSAR data. * Generation of surface change and ground motion products from various input data for various type of movement, like creeping movement due to very slow landslide phenomena or more prominent motion caused by subsidence occurring in mining areas. * Comparative assessment of retrieved ground motion products and analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of TerraSAR-X input data being used. * Validation of SAR based ground motion products with in-situ measurements of ground displacement. Data Requirements and Results Following the core objective to monitor and map ground motion by means of advanced interferometric processing algorithms, continuous data acquisition needs to be made for selected test areas over the project period. It is envisaged to process and analyse multi-baseline data sets, which reasonably should comprise a data amount of some 40 repeat-pass acquisitions. Along with the intention to monitor 4 different kinds of mass movement in related test sites, the data requirements are summing up to an amount of 150 to 200 acquisitions. The research shall use various acquisition modes, including Stripmap, Spotlight and Staring Spotlight data for matters of comparative analyses. In case that such amount of data quota cannot be granted for this research project, appropriate reduction would have to be accepted, either through utilization of shorter time series or either through elimination of individual test areas, implying to cancel investigation with respect to the related type of terrain motion. The results of the project will constitute * methodological developments, comprising advanced interferometric data processing methods, like the multi-baseline approach; * 3D terrain models and change products derived by means of stereo-radargrammetric as well as interferometric data processing methods; * ground motion products derived from extended time series of TerraSAR-X products and referring to deformation effects caused by slow landslide movement, subsidence, ice motion on glaciers and the like; * validation and quality assessment of the ground motion and change products by means of in-situ measurements and appropriate reference data sets. Funding The activities can be embedded into a running research project, which is funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science and which is devoted to “Multi-dimensional sensor data time series analysis”, as well as into a future project funded within the Austrian Space Applications Programme (ASAP), which is devoted to interferometric processing of SAR data for ground motion monitoring.

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