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Summary of Proposal LAN2405

TitleVery high-resolution PS-InSAR and TomoSAR for surface motion estimation in Wuhan, China
Investigator Liao, Mingsheng - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
Team Members
Dr.-Ing. Balz, Timo - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
Prof. Zhang, Lu - Wuhan University, LIESMARS

Objectives: The primary objective of our study is testing very high resolution PS-InSAR and TomoSAR with the new TSX ST mode. Include experiments on APS estimation with additional data, e.g. atmospheric information gained from long-term GPS signal observations and atmospheric lasers.

Data requirements:Two years of data acquisitions for correctly estimating the seasonal motion of the high-rise buildings. With a temporal baseline of 22 days in average, we would need around 36 ST images.

Deliverables:A very-high resolution surface motion estimation map of the area around the Hongshan square in Wuhan, China. Furthermore, an estimation of the seasonal amplitude of the high-rise buildings surrounding the square. The development of the basic InSAR and D-InSAR processing of the ST data in DORIS will also be made publically available as it has been done with our developments of the spotlight processing module.

Funding:The project is funded by the State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing of the Wuhan University as well as by support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61331016 and 41174120).

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