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Summary of Proposal LAN2400

TitleSnow avalanche mapping
Investigator Bühler, Yves - WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Snow Avalanches and Prevention
Team Members
Dr. Small, David - Remote Sensing Laboratories RSL, University of Zurich, Department of Geography
Dr. Wiesmann, Andreas - GAMMA Remote Sensing AG, N/A
SummaryObjective: The main aim of the proposed study is to test the new TerraSAR-X StaringSpotlight Mode (ST) products for avalanche activity mapping in complex alpineterrain. Because we want to detect small size avalanches (200 – 10’000m3)and their release, transmission and deposition zones we are in need of veryhigh spatial resolution. The data should be acquired from January to April 2015 over the Dorfbergarea (area 2km2) close to Davos, Switzerland. This SLF test siteobserved by different observation technologies such as time lap photography,ground based interferometry radar, uplooking FMCW radar, geophones andautomated weather stations. Furthermore, many field studies take place duringwinter in this area performed by SLF employees because the area is easily accessible.These are the main reasons to choose this test site. Methods: The ST data will be orthorectified with terrain correction applied usingavailable high spatial resolution DEM datasets acquired by digitalphotogrammetry and terrestrial/airborne laser scanner. Then, the generatedproducts will be compared with reference datasets by SLF assessing itspotential for avalanche activity mapping. A second aim of theproposed investigations is to evaluate the ST products for the detection of snowgliding and therefore the detection of potential gliding snow avalancherelease. Time series feature-tracking will be used to search for movements inthe snow cover. Data requirements: ·Very highspatial resolution (better than 1m) ·Highestpossible repetition rate for change detection Deliverables: We will provide the generated data products as well as the comparisonwith the reference data sets. At the end of the investigation we will provide a report containing therelevant findings of the investigation. Funding:The investigation isfunded by SLF and UZH internally.

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