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Summary of Proposal LAN2362

TitleImproving Detection, Density and Monitoring Accuracy of Persistent Targets for highly localized infrastructure failures
Investigator Poncos, Valentin - Kepler Space Inc. / University of Calgary, SAR systems and exploitation
Team Members
Dr Grenerczy, Gyula - Institute of Geodesy, Carthography and Remote Sensing (FOMI), Satellite Geodetic Observatory
Dr. Wesztergom, Victor - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Geodetic and Geophysical Institute
Summaryinfrastructure stability applications, able to detect very local risk areas, critical to prevent man-made disasters. Natural processes such as earthquakes, as well as human-induced ones from mining or oil/gas/mineral exploration are small scale and can be detected and monitored with existing SAR technology, with resolution between 10 and 100 square meters. Critical infrastructure such as storage areas, pipes under pressure and retention walls are difficult to monitor since deformation and cracks development are very local, within one meter. The ability of monitoring very local areas has the potential of adding new users of this technology, interested to monitor very local and inaccessible areas to GPS and/or levelment.The funds and processing resources are provided in-kind by Kepler Space Inc.Kepler is in contact with the NCC (National Capital Commission) and the Rail Implementation Office of the city of Ottawa and Dr. Wesztergom will contact the chemical company TVK to present the results and promote this technology.

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