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Summary of Proposal GEO2323

TitleA high resolution deformation study of Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, using TSX Staring Spotlight mode data
Investigator Wicks, Charles - U. S. Geological Survey, Earthquake and Volcano Science Centers
Team Members
Project Manager Crosby, Christopher - UNAVCO, Geodetic Imaging and OpenTopography
SummaryNorris Geyser Basin (NGB) is an area about 2 km (east-west) x 3.5 km (north-south) in dimension. NGB is the hottest and most dynamic of all the geyser basins associated with the ~45 km x 65 km Yellowstone Caldera. NGB is situated about 5 km north of the north caldera boundary and the only major extracaldera hydrothermal zone extends north through NGB, about 40 km from the caldera boundary to just outside the north boundary of Yellowstone National Park. In 2003 NGB displayed unusual geyser activity (that included the eruption of the tallest geyser in the world after 9 years of repose, anomalously high ground temperatures, and the formation of new fumaroles) associated with nearly three years of anomalous uplift (~12 cm in total) centered just south of NGB under the caldera boundary. Recent sparse GPS station signal indicates uplift began beneath NGB, that is currently progressing at rate of about 9 cm/year. We propose to examine deformation within the NGB in response to this uplift episode, beginning as soon as possible (much of NGB is snow free throughout the year because of the high surface temperatures) using Staring Spotlight mode high resolution interferograms.

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