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Summary of Proposal MTH2290

TitleUsing the TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight Mode for Multistatic Radar Applications
Investigator Nies, Holger - University of Siegen, Center for Sensorsystems (ZESS)
Team Members
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Loffeld, Otmar - University of Siegen, Center for Sensorsystems
Dipl.-Ing. Behner, Florian - University of Siegen, Center for Sensorsystems
Dipl.-Ing. Reuter, Simon - University of Siegen, Center for Sensorsystems
SummaryKey issues of this project are to acquire multistatic SAR data in a hybrid(spaceborne/stationary) configuration and build high resolution interferometric image pairs. As the high bandwidth illuminator the TerraSAR-X satellite is used; we intend to acquire the direct satellite signal and backscattered signal from the scene with a stationary SAR receiver, mounted on roofs of high buildings, or on bridges looking into valleys, etc.
Our new receiver system allows a parallel use of 3 channels for imaging a scene. Because of this single pass interferometry can be performed. A bistatic configuration in passive radar applications generally leads to a decreased azimuth bandwidth compared with the monostatic one. Using the new TerraSAR-X staring spotlight overcomes this problem because there will be more pulses and a larger aspect angle available for the individual point targets within the illuminated scene. After the processing of the bistatic SAR data the interferometric image pairs are to be built.
Finally we want to measure subsidence using differential InSAR techniques as a potential application of our receiver system.

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