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Summary of Proposal GEO2289

TitleModerateearthquake monitoring in china using TerraSAR ScanSAR data
Investigator Feng, Guangcai - Central South University, Department of Geomatics, School of Geosciences and Info-Physics
Team MembersNo team members defined
SummaryThere are two objectivesfor this project: (1) Relocating the small and moderate earthquakes by deformationmonitoring of TerraSAR ScanSAR data. Seismic data is often used to earthquakelocation, but the precision of location is usually very low due to limitedseismic stations and low signal noise rate, especially for moderate and smallearthquake with low energy scatter. In this study, we will locate theearthquake exactly by coseismic deformation mapped by TerraSAR data. The newScanSAR mode will cover more than 100 km*100 km area. Furthermore the new modewill provide high ability to map the coseismic deformation compared the C-bandand L-band SAR satellites. (2) Analysis (modeling) the seismic deformation toevaluate the seismic risk of urban area. There are lots of city construct onthe fault rupture area, such as Tangshan, Tianjin, Urumqi and Fuzhou, and soon. There are lots of small or moderate earthquakes happened in those area. Carefullymodeling those small or moderate earthquakes using the deformation of TerraSARwill help to evaluate the disaster. Thisproject will be funded by State Natural SciencesFoundation Monumental Projects (D0404/41104003 and 41222027). This fundingwill support us finish the whole project, including in provide the funding topay the publication fee and TerraSAR meeting. We will need about 150 scenes for small and moderate earthquakesstudies in China. The final used data maybe smaller 150, which strongly dependedon the number of small and moderate earthquakes happened in urban area in China.Our deliverables include two reporters (preliminary and final). The projectresult will update frequently on our project website.

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