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Summary of Proposal LAN2245

TitleMulti-mode stereo radargrammetry with TSX staring spotlight data over Mount Song, China
Investigator Balz, Timo - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
Team Members
Prof. Liao, Mingsheng - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
Prof. Zhang, Lu - Wuhan University, LIESMARS

Objectives: The benefits of the staring spotlight mode data for stereo radargrammetry are to be analyzed. Based on the direct stereo radargrammetry approach developed in LAN0793, a multi-mode multi-orbit processing, combining data from staring spotlight, high-resolution spotlight, and stripmap mode will be tested. Different processing methods, including speckle reduction as pre-processing and DSM averaging as post-processing will be tested and compared. The results are validated using a high-quality DEM of the DEM test area from LIESMARS, Wuhan University and the TanDEM IDEM.

Data requirements: We will demand staring spotlight mode data with single polarization. Because the staring spotlight coverage is rather small, we will use two ST test areas. One on a mountainside, best covering a south-facing mountain to ensure ascending-descending visibility, as well as a test area which is less steep and includes some urban area. The main, mountainous test area will be covered with two image triplets (ascending descending) overall 6 ST images. For comparison we also will acquire 6 HS images. The second test area will be covered with two ST pairs (ascending descending). The additional data used for this area is already acquired via the LAN0793 project.

Deliverables: Digital surface models of the test areas will be available. The results will be validated against a high-resolution photogrammetric DEM and the TanDEM IDEM. The validation results, as well as error maps will be generated.

Funding: The project is funded by the State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing of the Wuhan University as well as by support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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