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Summary of Proposal MTH2213

TitleProviding high spatial resolution for land subsidence measurements in Shanghai and Tianjin using TerraSAR-X images
Investigator LI, Tao - Southwest Jiaotong University, Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center (SASMAC), National Administra
Team Members
Prof. LIU, Guoxiang - Southwest Jiaotong University, Faculty of Geoscience and Environmental Engineering
Dr. JIA, Hongguo - Southwest Jiaotong University, Faculty of Geoscience and Environmental Engineering
Dr. ZHANG, Rui - Southwest Jiaotong University, Faculty of Geoscience and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor LUO, Qingli - Tianjin University, Center of Remote Sensing
SummaryHigh spatiotemporal resolution of the ST mode TSX images makes it possible to research the phase consistency of the adjacent pixels which share the similar radar backscattering. Those pixels are mostly distributed targets (DTs) which maintain temporal steadiness of radar backscattering during the observation periods. They, as well as point-like targets (PTs), are capable of providing useful subsidence information. Therefore, by detecting and modeling the DTs, high spatial resolution of surface deformation measurements can be provided to discover the minor subsidence funnels. The project team is about to investigate the phase characters of both PTs and DTs in the high resolution SAR images in time series. Then the team will model the PTs and DTs to obtain a robust estimation method to estimate the subsidence rates and DEM errors. The newly proposed models are expected to work well even in the non-urban areas where bare lands, roads, and short vegetables exist. Besides, the algorithms might facilitate the subsidence funnels detection in urban areas where the population density is high and where subsidence introduces direct threatens to people’s daily lives. The team will conduct experiments in both Shanghai and Tianjin cities which are two of the 11 cities whose accumulated subsidence values are more than one meter in China. They have been well investigated during the past several years by our team. However, in those two cities, both the overground buildings and underground water change complicatedly. The subsidence data have to be updated in time. Besides, Shanghai and Tianjin were researched by our team, comparisons between the results obtained from TSX spotlight images and TSX ST mode images can be carried out by using our archive images. This work is supported in part by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) under Grant 2012CB719901, the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant 41074005, and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities under Grant SWJTU11CX139, and Grant SWJTU11ZT13.

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