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Summary of Proposal OCE2192

TitleIce dynamics in the marginal ice zone
Investigator Kaleschke, Lars - University of Hamburg, KlimaCampus, Institute of Oceanography
Team Members
Prof. Dr. Kaleschke, Lars - University of Hamburg, Institute of Oceanography
Dr. Spreen, Gunnar - Norwegian Polar Institute, Fram Centre
SummaryThe understanding of ocean-ice-atmosphere interaction processes in the marginal ice zone (MIZ) is becoming increasingly important with the enhanced access to the Arctic Ocean. A unique data set of the sea ice dynamics in the MIZ will be obtained from an array of 20 GPS drift buoy. The lagrangian buoy trajectories will be complemented with two dimensional ice displacement vectors derived from the new 6 Beam Wide ScanSAR mode images. This will allow a comprehensive validation of the MIZ ice dynamics in regional coupled ocean-ice-atmosphere models. The work is embedded in the framework of the DFG Cluster of Excellence ’CliSAP’ (EXC177), the Helmholtz Alliance “Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics”, the BMWi project IRO-2 Eisvorhersage und Eis-Routen-Optimierung (Ice Forecast and Route Optimization), and in ESA-related activities for SMOS and CryoSat2 validation.

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