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Summary of Proposal OCE2185

TitleInvestigation of sea-ice and lead dynamics in FramStrait
Investigator Willmes, Sascha - University of Trier, Environmental meteorology
Team Members
Prof. Dr. Heinemann, Günther - University of Trier, Environmental Meteorology
Mr. Preusser, Andreas - University of Trier, Environmental Meteorology
SummaryPolynyas and leads are key surface elements of the wintertime Arctic sea-ice cover. They play a crucial role in surface heat loss, potential ice formation and consequently in the seasonal sea-ice budget. The dynamics of leads in Fram Strait and their impact on the atmospheric boundary layer will be examined during an aircraft experiment in March 2014. The new modes of TerraSAR-X acquisitions would be highly beneficial in supporting the interpretation of aircraft data in terms of lead occurrence, variability and characteristics. Apart from the post-experiment analyses, TerraSAR-X imagery will be a valuable tool to identify regions with significant lead occurrences that might subsequently be covered by flight legs. The investigation is part of the BMBF-funded project ‘System Laptev See Transdrift’ (FKZ 03G0833D)

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