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Summary of Proposal LAN2172

TitleFine Deformation Monitoring of Shenzhen Bay Bridge using TerraSAR Staring Spotlight Images
Investigator XU, Bing - Central South University, Dep. of Geomatics, School of Geosicence and Info-Phys.
Team Members
Mr. Ping, Nie - Central South University, Department of Geometics
Mr. Yushan, Zhou - Central South University, Department of Geometics
Prof. Zhiwei, Li - Central South University, Department of Geometics
Mr. Mi, Jiang - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
In this project, we focus our attention on using MTInSAR with TerraSAR Staring Spotlight (ST) mode data for time series deformation monitoring of Shenzhen Bay Bridge. Four problems shall be settled: (1) High precision Image co-registration for artificial linear feature in sea area; (2) Network construction of pixel point with stable phase in long artificial linear feature. (3) Separation of atmospheric effect from time series unwrapped phase.

With the time series deformation, the relationship between the activities (such as traffic flow, wind blows, etc.) and the deformation will be analyzed. Furthermore, the resulting economic impact will also be discussed. The research will help to gain better insights into the deformation and its evolution of Shenzhen Bay Bridge and to improve the overall accuracy and reliability of the MTInSAR technology in this area.

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