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Summary of Proposal COA0994

TitleUsing TerraSAR-X and RADARSAT-2 Data for an Improved Classification of Wadden Sea Surface Types
Investigator Gade, Martin - Universität Hamburg, Institut für Meereskunde
Team Member
Dr. Gade, Martin - Universität Hamburg, ZMAW, Institut für Meereskunde
Mrs. Stelzer, Kerstin - Brockmann Consult, Geo-Information Services
Mr. Kohlus, Jörn - Landesbetrieb Küstenschutz, Nationalpark und Meeresschutz Schleswig Holstein (LK, Nationalparkverwaltung
SummaryTheWadden Sea is of major commercial and ecological significance, and has for centuries been exploited by man for communication, transportation, waste disposal, power generation, fisheries andamenity development. For this reason the governments of Germany, Holland and Denmark have proposed that areas of the Wadden Sea be added to the global list of Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas. The long term sustainability of this area requires proper management and this in turn requires a) the appropriate policy directives and b) the necessary tools to carry out thesedirectives. Monitoring is an integral part of this process and having the appropriatetools for carrying out reliable and accurate measurements is essential forinformed decision making. By comparing and combining the two remote sensingtechnologies (SAR and optical) it is hoped that new insights will be obtained into the potential of classifying tidal flat surface structures for monitoring purposes.

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