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Summary of Proposal HYD0979

TitleAssimilation of radar data to estimate frozen soils
Investigator Magagi, Ramata - University of Sherbrooke, Applied geomatique
Team Member
M. Sc student Caron, Francis - University of sherbrooke, Applied geomatique
SummaryIn Quebec, winter conditions often cause damages and productivity lost of perennial crops.Plants mortality during winter may be caused by several factors such as intensity and duration of low temperatures, roots encasement by ice and anoxia due to the presence of an ice layer on the fields. The main objective of this study is to develop an assimilation method of radar data to determine the characteristics of frozen soils over snow-covered agricultural areas. The adopted approach consists of updating the outputs of a dynamic model of soil and snow (SSVAT) from a combined use of RADARSAT-2 data, TerraSAR-X data, an assimilation scheme (Ensemble Kalman filter) which compares satellite radardata (RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR-X) to the simulations of a multilayer backscattering radiative transfer model of snow. The results are soil temperature and soil moisture profiles as well as snow characteristics. For their validation, field campaign is scheduled from November 2010 to April 2011. Decagon 5TM probes will be installed over the study sites at different locations and depths for the collection of soil moisture and soil temperature data. Snow characteristic profile measurements (thickness, density, grain sizes, etc.) will be collected quasi simultaneously to RADARSAT-2 and TerraSAR-X overpasses.The deliverables are the estimated values of soil temperature and soil moisture profiles throughout the winter. These two parameters represent good indicators of ground frost. In addition, snow characteristics will be estimated. Two-years funding is provided by la Financière Agricole du Québec (the partner of the project) and le Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies.The budget includes the grant of the M. Sc. studentand the expenses related to the field campaign scheduled from November 2010 toApril 2011. Additional amount will come from the research funds of Professor R.Magagi.

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