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Summary of Proposal RES0921

TitleMapping and estimating biophysical parameters of energy crops using TerraSAR-X and Radarsat-2 data
Investigator Waske, Björn - Freie Universität Berlin, Insitut für Geographische Wissenschaften
Team Member
Prof. Udelhoven, Thomas - Universität Trier, Fachbereich VI Geographie/Geowissenschaften, Fach Fernerkundung
Mr. Mack, Benjamin - University of Bonn, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation
Mr. Bossung, Christian - Universität Trier, Fachbereich VI Geographie/Geowissenschaften Fach Fernerkundung
Prof. Waske, Björn - University of Bonn, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation
SummaryDue to political and economic reasons (e.g. rising energy prices) a strong expansion of energy crops is taking place in many regions of the world. In this context the extend and distribution of energy crops as well as the retrieval of (biophysical) crop parameters, e.g. biomass, LAI and biomethane potential, are of interest for different entities, from public authorities to the owner of agricultural fields. From a technical point of view the two processing steps, (i) the classification of the remote sensing data to map energy crops as well as (ii) the retrieval of biophysical and biochemical crop parameters can be assumed to be related, since different crops produce different sensitivities to these parameters and usually crop-specific models are required. Moreover in many (agricultural) applications the user is interested to retrieve information on one specific crop type, e.g. the spatial extend, the biomass or total yield of energy crops in an specific area. In summary the project is aiming on: 1. Determination and further development of adequate one-class-classifiers (OCC) for mapping energy crops (in particular corn and sorghum). 2. Determination and further development of recent regression methods (e.g., support vector regressions, ensemble based regression methods) to estimate biophysical parameters (e.g. biomass and LAI) from energy crops 3. Improvements of the applications by data fusion (TerraSAR-X and Radarsat-2) A total of 10 acquisitions are requested. The data should cover the whole growing season between May to September. In the middle of each month two images should be acquired within the period of app. 1 week.

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